Canadian nationals

Applying for a long-stay Work and Holiday Visa in Luxembourg

1. Applicants qualify if they fulfill following conditions:

  • possesses a ticket for departure from Luxembourg, or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket;
  • possesses sufficient funds (at least 2500 Euros) for his / her maintenance during the period of stay in Luxembourg, as determined by the relevant authorities;

2. Additional mandatory and general conditions to be fulfilled:

  • hold Canadian citizenship;
  • has the primary intention  to holiday in Luxembourg, with employment and study being incidental rather than a primary reason for the visit;
  • is aged between 18 (eighteen) and 30 (thirty) years, both inclusive, at the time of application;
  • is not accompanied by dependants;
  • possesses a valid passport issued by Canada;
  • agrees to hold medical and comprehensive hospitalization insurance which will remain in force throughout his / her stay in Luxembourg;
  • complies with any health or character requirements imposed by Luxembourg;
  • has not participated in the scheme previously;
  • submit a medical certificate issued by a doctor designated by the Belgian Embassy, proving that they are not suffering from an illness or infirmity that might pose a risk to health, public order, or public security;
  • produce a document vouching for their good character;
  • provide a letter from the relevant government body of Luxembourg (Immigration) which includes consent to their stay in Luxembourg under the terms of this arrangement.

If you have specific questions concerning a visa in Luxembourg, please send an e-mail to