Chilenian nationals

Applying for a long-stay Work and Holiday Visa in Luxembourg

Young nationals of Chile who wish to take advantage of the provisions of the bilateral arrangement should:

  • Intend primarly to holiday in Luxembourg for a period of up to twelve calendar months, employment being incidental and accessory;
  • be aged between 18 and not have turned 35 years at the time of application for a visa;
  • will not be accompanied by dependent children;
  • hold a valid passport and an onward travel ticket or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket;
  • have sufficient funds for personal support for the purposes of a "Work and Holiday Program";
  • pay the visa application charge
  • meet health and character requirements as specified by the luxemburgish law on immigration;
  • hold an accident and health insurance;
  • be a first time applicant under this Scheme;
  • intend to leave Luxembourg at the end of the stay;
  • Submit a medical certificate issued by a medical doctor appointed by the Belgian Embassy, stating that they have no disease or infirmity that may endanger public health, order or security.

If you have specific questions concerning a visa in Luxembourg, please send an e-mail to